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404 error when notifier click on confirm link

tbbong 5 years ago • updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 5 years ago 1

The notifier received the email with the link below :

" In order to confirm this email please click onthis link. "

However, he is being redirect to a 404 error page when he click on the link.

Ok, understood. This page was missed during last website update. Thanks for reporting :)

Is there a way to disable the pop up blocker in recorder?

PGiTest4Tom 3 years ago • updated by Ilya (Here to help) 3 years ago 2
When I use the Transanction Recorder and type in my test URL, the server page/app comes back and displays "Pop-Up Blocker Detected". How do I disable the Pop-Up Blocker for the recorder to continue to the next step?

New poll: How do you like Anturis?

Konstantin (Here to help) 5 years ago 0
It's great
It's all right
It could be much better

Is the anturis service down?

steve.leroux.ntl 2 years ago • updated by Ilya (Here to help) 2 years ago 3
All my components are down since 17:04 (2015-07-04).
My internet access hasn't changed and internet is confirmed working.
Is Anturis service down?
Under review

Web Monitoting Random Email for Sign Page

zamltda 2 years ago • updated by Ilya (Here to help) 2 years ago 2

I´m doing a web monitoring for our sign page, in which I want to do a complete sign up. To do so, I need to enter a unique email for the sign page to go through. I wonder how I can add a random generated email.

Thank you.


Restricted access to billing for some users

Konstantin (Here to help) 4 years ago 0

Allow some user to do access everything but the billing part of the system.

Under review

It's possible to check all server-status logs?

piotras9000 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2
Under review

Templates, groups

garmtech 5 years ago • updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 5 years ago 0

It would be great to have templates/groups for services and/or hosts. For example to change ping timeout on many servers at once.


Threshold check failed

noddingpanda 3 years ago • updated by Ilya (Here to help) 3 years ago 12
I have newly installed Anturis as a Plesk additional service. Both my smtp-process and web-process have come up as "Theshold check failed. Value should be greater than 1, expression is 0". I have no idea what this means or how to solve it.
I have also tried to start uptime monitor on the Plesk Addon but it is unable to create it.
Would appreciate your help.

suggestion about view window

guillesantafe 2 years ago 0
Hello, thank you for the site, I find it very usefull,. The only thing that is not very confortable is the time-window, the presets windows (1h 1d 1m 1y) are very far between them. My suggestion is to let the user determine exactly the time windows in an easy way. For example, if I want to see what happend yesterday in the peak traffic time that is between 18.30hs and 20.30hs, the time window of 1 hour is very small, and the 1 day window is too large.