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Could you please also execute "iptables -nvL"?

Please also share contents of /opt/anturis/log.

Thank you!

Hi sonne734 and joshgilson,

Thank you for your feedback.

We have this app in our plans, but currently there is no due date for implementation.

Hi Mihin,

According to this guide it is possible to monitor SNMP devices without installing a private agent on them:

However you need a private agent in your network to monitor your Cisco devices.


Could you please share the whole output of "# iptables -L"?


Hi Sayed,

As far as I understand, you have difficulties with ping to server after it's restart. I need a little bit info on the issue to help you.

1. Please let me know on what machine you have the agent installed and what machine is pinged. 

2. Reproduce the issue, note the time when restart took place and share logs from /opt/anturis/log or c:\programdata\anturis monitoring\.


Best regards,
Alexander Artamonov
Anturis Support Engineer 


Currently there is no export feature, but it's planned for future versions.

As a workaround I can suggest you printing of a page with metrics in the table view to a pdf file and copy/paste from there. Please let me know if this method works for you.